What is the...

Astro-Chakra Synergy System®


  Ascension Acceleration Healing Therapy?


This healing modality and the energy associated with it is unlike any other.


It has to be experienced as words fall short!


Brenda Kelly, in 2004, channeled this unique healing modality.

The source of this channeled modality are high vibrational 'Source Beings' specifically;

'The Brotherhood of Light'

'The Galactic Federation'

'The Angelic Realms of Light'

including other Light Guardians / Beings and Galactics

It's vibration and information is new to this planet, and may be learned by anyone

who is looking for that next step in their 'Soul-volution' ......

healings hands


*Covered in the workshops;   

  • channeled healing symbols   

  • channeled planetary healing symbols

  • constellations, crystals  

  • vibrational essences, energy enhancement techniques

  • breathing techniques  

  • planetary aligning techniques     

  • use of colour, advanced treatment sessions   

  • and much much more....an extensive range of innovative techniques which all have a powerful and potent effect on your  energy field and overall sense of wellbeing.


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    There are 4 modules in the training;

    Module 1 (beginner) - 2 day course

    See Manual below

              module 1 manual

    Module 2 (intermediate) - 4 day course

    See Manual below

                module 2 manual

    Advanced Module I - 4 day course

    See Manual below

                adv I manual

    Advanced Module II (*advanced healing and instructor training level) - 4 day course

    See Manual below



    Each module includes a comprehensive and easy to understand user’s manual,which fully outlines, illustrates and explains each step and process of this innovative therapy.


    *This healing modality is ahead of its time. There are many advanced techniques and never before seen procedures, each step of which is easy to follow and apply, using the step by step guide with simple instructions and diagrams. All entirely original and powerful information channeled from The Brotherhood of Light, The Galactic Federation and the Angels of Light.

    All healing workshops are held in a sacred space with comprehensive manuals and crystals included in the cost.


    *Within these 4 modules, the healing modality primarily consists of 5 main streams;


    • Symbols; for healing, balancing and raising the vibrational frequency of the physical body and its surrounding energy system.

    • Treatment Sessions; specific outlined methods, using tools such as crystals, incorporating the Astro-Chakra Synergy System® Chakra and Planetary Chakra cards, sound, colour etc, for a gentle therapeutic and yet powerful effect.

    • Energy Enhancement Techniques; consisting of a wide range of powerful yet simple techniques specifically channeled to promote a feeling of increased energy, wellness and peace.

    • Energy Initiation Techniques; specialised techniques to vibrationally work with to enhance and alter the energy field to a higher vibrational rate.

    • Aligning Techniques; to bring the physical body and surrounding energy fields into alignment with the higher frequencies of planetary, star systems and their 'Spiritual Overseers' .



    * To book a ACSS healing treatment session click contact Brenda

    *Cost is $75 for the session which lasts between 1 hour and 1 1/2 hours.


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    healing heart



    Lucy Lyne

    Principal of ‘The Chiron College of Astrology and Healing’



    “This channeled healing modality has a purity of energy associated with it.

    I have found that the energy level this modality operates at is of an extremely high frequency and I personally have experienced profound shifts within my physical body both during and after a treatment session.

    It’s a system that can be greatly beneficial to people who are evolving and on their spiritual path who are looking for ways to support and enhance their journey.

    This energy would greatly benefit healers and those already involved with other healing modalities as it helps to raise a person’s vibrational level or frequency to a higher, finer frequency.”   



      The Ajna Symbol

    *Feedback from a client of Nicola Rule (ACSS AA HT – certified instructor);
    "Today I had my first Ascension Healing from Nic. I struggle to find words for the experience - so much of what happened does not fit into a two-dimensional sentence - it really needs to be felt to be understood. Even though I knew with my intellect that only Nic was in the room, my spirit was aware that the room was full of helpful and special beings who were working by her side. I felt as if I was being 'tuned' - like an old, neglected piano being brought back into harmony. During the healing I felt deeply, deeply calm and yet still very aware of the changes occurring in all parts of my being. I know that this healing will continue long after today and I feel that it adds another huge dimension to the amazing bodywork that Nic does. Thank you." Tracy Barnes, Caloundra

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