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Ascension Acceleration Healing Therapy


Module 1

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*This course is for those who wish to take that next step…..
this is a life changing experience!

The energy experienced through this particular healing modality has been found to be of a very high frequency and of great benefit to those seeking to enhance their life experience, their health and their use of working with alternative energy systems.

This healing modality - channeled in 2004, is unique and has been channeled by Brenda Kelly, a healer and professional astrologer for over 20 years.

Module 1 introduces many new concepts and methods such as;

  • channeled symbols
  • visualization techniques
  • colour
  • ACSS Chakra and Planetary Chakra cards
  • advanced breathing techniques
  • planetary symbols
  • crystals

All these methods, techniques and symbols are easy to grasp and utilize in both personal and professional situations and provide a basis for more the advanced work in the next module of learning - Module 2.

*Module 1 is a two day workshop; 9 00am - 5 00 pm

*Cost of course includes the following;

  • workshop
  • your own set of ACSS cards ($59.95 RRP)
  • a comprehensive manual
  • crystals



Ajna symbol


*Module 1 covers the following;

  • Symbols

The channeled symbols in this module are easy to learn and use. They cover a variety of avenues all leading to perfecting balance and alignment within both the physical body and the outer energetic bodies.

  • Healing Symbols

The channeled healing symbols are easy to use and learn, they access a high vibration, taking the healing vibration to a deep level with their use focused on healing specific aspects of the being.

  • Breathing Techniques

The breathing techniques outlined are easy to use and implement on a daily basis, providing easy access to universal life force energy.

  • Energy Enhancement Exercises

These exercises use the techniques of visualization and energy ‘drawing’. They allow the person to draw in and integrate more light into their physical body for an outcome of enhanced energy and vitality.

  • Planetary Aligning Techniques

These specific methods outline ways to align the being to individual planetary vibrations. They involve no prior knowledge of the planets or their astrological meanings.

  • Treatment Sessions

The treatment sessions in Module 1 are focused on release, opening up the energy channels, light integration and enhancing the energy of the body. They also include special and easy planet focus layout methods.

  • Crystals for Module 1

Crystals are used extensively in this new healing modality. It is well known that crystals have an innate healing/enhancing quality. Their use within this new healing modality heightens the universal energetic flow.

 *Cost of workshop: $333 which includes 2 day workshop, set of ACSS book and card set ($59.95 RRP), comprehensive manual and crystals.

*Full payment is required at the time of booking, at least 10 days prior to the workshop.

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