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Read testimonials from course participants below.

“Thanks for a great two days, it has been really wonderful, and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a course so much. It was nice to already know and feel comfortable with everyone involved. That definitely made it a more relaxed atmosphere to begin with. Those last two sessions of the day in particular were really quite amazing, first the releasing one and then the last one, I had angels all around me, and they were singing and whispering about love.” Merlene



“Well what a fantastic 2 days it was, I just left on an absolute high. What an incredible person you are to have channeled all of that material, it is really mind-boggling!” Sheridan




“Thanks for a truly remarkable weekend. The energy of ACSS is wonderful to work with. I am feeling really fantastic compared with when I started the course. I feel balanced and not overwhelmed (like I have any other time I have done a course)” Lucy





“Ahead of your time, you are!!!  As people are starting to become more in tune to the new energy around at the moment they are being led to find places where the light is strongest and your work is one of those places!  Plus it is going to be far more effective for people who are conscious of this new awareness.” Michele





“Thanks Bren, it was a great 2 days.  I can't believe how quickly the time goes when you are doing the healing work or receiving it. It was really good to refresh and come back to it again and realize how amazingly powerful it really is.  I actually did a healing the next day on a friend of mine who does body work for people and she messaged me today to tell me how powerfully it had affected her.  So that was good feedback.” S






*Feedback from a client of Nicola Rule (ACSS AA HT – certified instructor);
"Today I had my first Ascension Healing from Nic. I struggle to find words for the experience - so much of what happened does not fit into a two-dimensional sentence - it really needs to be felt to be understood. Even though I knew with my intellect that only Nic was in the room, my spirit was aware that the room was full of helpful and special beings who were working by her side. I felt as if I was being 'tuned' - like an old, neglected piano being brought back into harmony. During the healing I felt deeply, deeply calm and yet still very aware of the changes occurring in all parts of my being. I know that this healing will continue long after today and I feel that it adds another huge dimension to the amazing bodywork that Nic does. Thank you." Tracy Barnes, Caloundra











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