The following photos depict various healing techniques typically employed in a ACSS Ascension

Acceleration healing treatment session.

As you can see from these photos, the healing techniques are mainly done above the body.

High Frequency energy is channelled during healing treatment sessions and so it is rare that

the physical body is directly touched / worked on.

The energy experienced during such sessions is profound and is aided through using specific

crystals to enhance the overall energy frequency.

 Ascension Acceleration chakra healing layout

 1. Planetary chakra cards used in chakra balancing healing treatment session.


Ascension Acceleration chakra layout healing

 2. Full Planetary chakra layout treatment session with Planetary Activator crystals.

Each planet resonates to the energy frequency of a particular crystal which are called the

'Planetary Activator crystals'. These crystals are in total energetic harmony and alignment

with the particular energy frequency of the planet it corresponds to. These crystals, when

used in a treatment session along with the appropriate Planetary Chakra card provide

an energetic boost to the auric field and chakras of the body bringing increased feelings of

well-being and inner peace.


Ascension Acceleration 3rd eye chakra healing

 3. Treatment session using Planetary chakra cards and Clear Quartz Platonic Solids crystals on the 3rd

Eye, Heart and Root chakras.

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