What is the...

Astro-Chakra Synergy System®?



The 'ACSS' - channeled in 2001, is a unique and highly advanced, yet simple method of combining the
planets with the chakras for enhanced positive focus, increased self-awareness
and self-development, leading to a state of balance within the mind, body and spirit.

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This system is a world first and the only system known to date, which brings the

planets and chakras together in this way with such clarity, simplicity, and accuracy.




 There are 70 Planetary Chakra cards each of the 10 planets at 7 chakras

7 Large Cards; Chakra Cards

70 Smaller Cards; Planetary Cards

*See an example below -

Mercury at the 4th chakra - this is a Planetary Chakra Card (smaller card)








Mercury 4 / 4th Chakra – Green / Love, Relationships

Self Acceptance

To bring positive changes into your life you must start with you, accepting yourself

both internally and externally. Accept your fears, your sorrow, your happiness,

(your extra inches) and your experiences. They have all contributed in some form

to making the “you” that stands in the mirror looking back at you. Send your warm

blessings to those closest to your heart as they have shown you quiet strength

and dedication. Affirm now, “I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am” and

do this three times a day for a week with strong intent and love. This affirmation

will help to build your self-acceptance and infuse your heart with love.


Affirm: “I always speak from my heart.”  “I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am.”


The way this system works is simple, it easily opens up pathways to the planets

through each chakra.

As you can see from the examples of interpretations for the cards below,

it is very easy to understand as well.




Each planet is connected with in a simple & effective accessible way without the

need for years of dedicated study and mental effort usually required to learn astrology.

In fact, with this simple system, no astrological knowledge is needed at all!




The ACSS system offers an original, exciting and innovative approach to the planets

and chakras, applying them to enhance self-awareness and healing. It is of use for

all those on the journey towards self-realization.

The planets become powerful healing tools focusing their energy into each chakra.

*Included in the 'Astro-Chakra Synergy System'®;

  • Guidebook (with layouts, worksheets and full interpretations)
  • 7 Chakra cards (keywords when balanced  / unbalanced)
  • 70 Planetary Chakra cards (10 planets at 7 chakras) 
  • Genuine Quartz Crystal

    Example of the 6th Chakra card below

    (Larger card for the 6th Chakra)


    Examples of following Planetary Chakra cards below;

    Sun at the 1st

    4th and 7th chakras

    (smaller Planetary Chakra card)

    Sun 1 / 1st Chakra - Red / Survival, Physical Needs


    To help increase your body’s “vitality” deeply connect to Nature / Mother Earth, feel

    secure and grounded by the support she gives you constantly. Take responsibility

    for every aspect of your life and know that you have the ability to cope with any

    situation life may toss your way.


    Go for a bush-walk in a beautiful natural setting. Connect with Mother Earth
    and stand with your bare feet touching the ground and visualize
    your energy going deeply into the Earth. Breathe deeply during this
    connection process. This will have the effect of grounding, balancing and
    recharging you emotionally, spiritually and physically. Next, sit
    in the sun. Feeling the sun’s warmth on your body will
    revitalize your whole system. (Vitamin D is important for
    a healthy body and comes  from the sun.)

    Sun at the 4th

    4th chakra

    (smaller Planetary Chakra card) 

    Sun 4 / 4th Chakra – Green / Love, Relationships


    Feel a great love for yourself and be grateful for all the love you now have in

    your life.

    The “essence” of who you are is love.

    Forgive yourself for any harsh, critical judgments you may have made about

    yourself or others. Fill your heart centre with love, compassion and



    Look in the mirror, focus completely and say:

    “I love the compassion I see in you.

    I love the light of forgiveness which now burns in you.

    I honour and love your essence. I love you.”



    Sun at the 7th

    7th chakra

    (smaller Planetary Chakra card)

    Sun 7 / 7th Chakra – Violet / Spirituality


    Uplift yourself to a higher level of awareness through consciously

    connecting with your spirit, your Higher Self every day.

    Remember, you are never alone.


    Pray that you are now in loving attunement with your Higher Self.

    Imagine yourself illuminated and suffused with pure white light.

    The top of your head (the Crown Chakra) is now pulsating,

    spinning and alive with divine energy.

    You are one with the universe and ready to attract your highest good.

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